Upgrading cooling technology to meet future workload demands reliably

In today's digital-first world, AI applications and higher-density workloads are creating new challenges for data center operators. Supporting the demands of next-generation businesses puts cooling systems into sharp focus; even with 40KW+ workloads, reliability and efficiency remain imperative.

In a competitive market, being able to meet these demands effectively is key, but how can next-generation cooling be deployed with minimal capital expenditure and reduced operational cost? How can it be introduced in a live environment with legacy design challenges?

This webinar explores:
  • Assessing cooling needs for increasingly complex workloads
  • Effectively modernizing cooling within legacy environments
  • Driving down capital expenditure and planning for long-term efficiency

Speaker Panel

DCD>Debates brings together a panel of 4 high level of expert speakers

Ehsaan Farsimadan.jpeg

Ehsaan Farsimadan, CEng PhD

Senior Consultant
Uptime Institute

Bruce Myatt.jpg

Bruce Myatt, PE 

Data Center Business Leader

Jim Weyland.jpeg

James Weynand

Chief Revenue Officer

dan loosemore.jpeg

Dan Loosemore

DataCenter Dynamics