What verticals will define Edge? What design differences will mark them?

Digital Transformation – Industry 4.0 -- across all vertical industry sectors happens at the decentralized, distributed compute Edge. It all depends on one’s perspective whether its Network Edge, the Mobile and Wireless Edge, IoT Edge, the AI and Machine Learning Edge or the Cloud Edge. Some of these verticals will lead in adoption because of the sheer economic scale of the opportunities, i.e. robotics in manufacturing. Others because of magnitude of the innovation benefits, i.e. remote patient care in healthcare.

Early adoption depends on both market and technology readiness and the scale of opportunity – both in velocity and value-creation opportunity. In turn, these will shape the fundamental design characteristics. This DCD>Debate examines:
  • What will be the leading power and cooling stack architectures?
  • What will lead the IT/network stack designs?
  • What will be the agility, speed of deployment?
  • How smart, autonomous, secure will the Edge be?

Join our panel of experts as we explore the technology, design, market-adoption trends. Where will we be five years out? Ten?


Join our speakers on this live debate


Jim Fletcher

Strategy Advisor

Momenta Partners Office

Jim Fletcher most recently served IBM as an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform. In this role, Jim had responsibility for the architecture and technical direction for IBM’s Internet of Things platform including identifying technologies, architecture, M&A and strategic partnerships. During his career at IBM, Jim served in executive management and technical leadership positions in areas of networking, IT systems management, and pervasive computing. Jim holds over 60 patents, is an IBM Master Inventor, and member of the IBM Academy.

Eddie Schutter.png

Eddie Schutter

Chief Technology Officer


Eddie Schutter is the Chief Technology Officer for Switch. Eddie is responsible for technical and operational leadership, optimization of production and services, and strategic development of innovation programs and initiatives that drive top-and-bottom line business value across all business units.
Eddie has over 25 years of experience and leadership in the data center and information technology industry for organizations including eBay, AT&T, DCF Technologies, The Green Grid, Data Center Pulse, and other various advisory boards. He is a Director on the iMasons BOD, Executive advisor of the Technical Curriculum Advisory Board for CNET Training, and Engineering Advisory Board for SMU Lyle School of Engineering.

Additionally, he has been instrumental in the development of operational optimization, technology innovations in the data center ecosystem and automation, full stack solution development and deployment, networks, infrastructure security, cloud engineering and operations, new product development, industry standards and best practices, and in advancing formal education in data center design and engineering.


Susanna Kass (1).jpg

Susanna Kass

EVP, Head of Innovation & Strategy


Susanna is lectures at both the Stanford Univ. Graduate School of Business and the School of Engineering, and co-lectures at Stanford’s Sustainable Urbanization Systems project. She has been innovation chief at NextERA Energy; COO for International Operations at eBay. Baselayer is a developer of modular and edge data centers and sustainable energy infrastructure management software for webscale cloud service providers, Fortune 500 enterprises, and utility providers.

Steve Carlini.jpg

Steven Carlini

Vice President of Innovation & Data Centers for the IT Division

Schneider Electric

Steven is responsible for conceiving and developing innovative solutions and businesses to match the latest industry trends. Steven is also responsible for developing and communicating the value proposition for Schneider Electric’s integrated data center solutions including EcoStruxure architecture. A frequent speaker at industry conferences and forums, Stevens’ focus is on physical infrastructure for enterprise, Internet Giant and colocation facilities. Steven is an expert on the foundation layer of physical infrastructure including power, cooling and software management including IoT, analytics and AI.


Bruce Taylor - Moderator


DataCenter Dynamics

Bruce A. Taylor is a member of the DatacenterDynamics leadership team, and serves as Executive Vice President for the United States and Canada, where he sets the strategic tone for DCD’s portfolio of integrated media products and services. His emphasis is on the core conferences in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto.