What conversation should Colos be having with their tenants about technology adoption? Let's discuss...

When an organisation chooses to colocate their critical data center infrastructure in a 3rd party facility the lines of who is responsible for what aspects of the physical infrastructure and management systems can get quickly get blurred.

This DCD>Debate aims to explore the challenges that both the end-user and colocation operator face in order to get the most out of their infrastructure investment and deliver win-win approaches to energy efficiency, availability, and capacity management. Attend and walk away with a perspective on how Colos can deliver the best experience for their tenants.

Our panel of experts will look at the different parts of the tenancy lifecycle:
  • Client on-boarding and speed-to-production
  • Infrastructure optimisation in a 3rd party environment
  • Upgrades and eventual migration

Speaker Panel

DCD>Debates brings together a panel of high level of expert speakers

Eddie Schutter.png

Eddie Schutter

Chief Technology Officer


Eddie Schutter is the Chief Technology Officer for Switch. Eddie is responsible for technical and operational leadership, optimization of production and services, and strategic development of innovation programs and initiatives that drive top-and-bottom line business value across all business units.
Eddie has over 25 years of experience and leadership in the data center and information technology industry for organizations including eBay, AT&T, DCF Technologies, The Green Grid, Data Center Pulse, and other various advisory boards. He is a Director on the iMasons BOD, Executive advisor of the Technical Curriculum Advisory Board for CNET Training, and Engineering Advisory Board for SMU Lyle School of Engineering.

Additionally, he has been instrumental in the development of operational optimization, technology innovations in the data center ecosystem and automation, full stack solution development and deployment, networks, infrastructure security, cloud engineering and operations, new product development, industry standards and best practices, and in advancing formal education in data center design and engineering.

Michael Gallenger

Michael Gallenger

Senior Business Development Manager Global Data Center Solutions

Michael manages business strategy at Panduit for the Network Infrastructure Business Unit focused on Data Center solutions. He has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years. Michael has a wide variety of technology experience and perspective he gained through operating as a buyer, seller, advisor, small business owner, and product manager. He joined Panduit in August of 2017. Prior to Panduit, Michael spent the last 8 years managing and planning data center data protection solutions for a Fortune 500 software company in the Silicon Valley. Today, Michael vehemently seeks opportunities to solve customer data center infrastructure problems and provide unparalleled value.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Economics.

 George Rockett

George is a co-founder of DatacenterDynamics and recently took on the role of CEO to lead the company through a period of industry transformation.
Having been involved in the B2B media and events industry for 20 years, he cut his teeth on the data center market in 1998 with the launch of Colocation Network Europe magazine and has since been involved in a multitude of digital, print and event publishing initiatives within the IT sector. He has also been instrumental in the development of the market-leading DCD Converged conference series which in 2014 welcomed more than 30,000 IT professionals through its doors.
George’s ability to view things continually from a fresh perspective and to join the dots between the various disciplines that converge on the data center market are hallmarks of DCD's success as an organisation.