Are machine learning and AI ready for mainstream in the data center? Let's discuss...

Machine Learning and AI in data centers has been a hot topic lately. The reason, as Enzo Greco, Chief Strategy Officer at Nlyte Software, recently published in the online publication CloudTweaks, is straightforward: "Data centers present an ideal use case for AI: Complex, energy intensive and critical, with a very large set of inputs and control points that can only be properly managed through an automated system."

Join us for this webinar as we learn the reality and benefits of Machine Learning and AI in data centers, from companies with significant and critical data center expertise. Moderated by Bruce Taylor of DCD, this 1 hour webinar will address how AI will drive the performance, availability, resiliency and security demanded of modern digital infrastructure. Key issues to be addressed include:

  • Are self-diagnosis and self-healing a reality?
  • How will machine learning and AI optimize workload placement?
  • Will AI-enabled “in-stream” analytics drive the megascale cloud data center?
We look forward to seeing you there.

Speaker Panel

DCD>Debates brings together a panel of 4 high level of expert speakers


James Cribari

Global Infrasturcture Services Delivery Manager

James is responsible for planning and directing internal projects and programs focused on creating world-class data center infrastructure at Cisco. Focused on demonstrating and exploiting new technology capabilities that provide leading edge competitive advantage, the application of AI on digital infrastructure management is currently under his spotlight.

BJ Klingenberg_IBM.jpg

BJ Klingenberg

Distinguished Engineer
IBM’s Data Center Resiliency Services

BJ is the lead Distinguished Engineer in the GTS Technology, Innovation and Automation Storage Domain which creates global standards and strategies for GTS Storage and Resiliency Services Solutions. He also serves as Chief Technology Officer for the IBM Resiliency Services solution area. BJ has been exploring big data analytics frameworks that analyzes millions of resiliency metadata tuples in near real-time to generate actionable insights.


Enzo Greco

Chief Strategy Officer

Enzo has responsibility for setting Nlyte’s strategy and direction based on market trends and dynamics, partnerships and adjacent markets. He has deep knowledge of software and the Data Center market; his current focus is on Colocation Providers, Hybrid Cloud implementations and applying Analytics overall to Critical Infrastructure, Data Center and Application Performance Management markets.

Bruce Taylor150x150.jpg

Bruce Taylor

DataCenter Dynamics

Bruce A. Taylor is a member of the DatacenterDynamics leadership team, and serves as Executive Vice President for the United States and Canada, where he sets the strategic tone for DCD’s portfolio of integrated media products and services. His emphasis is on the core conferences in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto.