What does the next generation of hyperscale network architecture look like? Let's discuss...

To understand the network capacity requirements of the world’s largest data centers run by the likes Google, Facebook and Amazon, we need to understand the types of applications they are working on and when they are likely to come on-stream.

AI is already testing the limits of current network infrastructure as the demands of the GPU chipset are better understood, but what else is on the application roadmap and how will networking technology and the data center interconnect evolve to cope with the pressure?

Speaker Panel

DCD>Debates brings together a panel of 4 high level of expert speakers

Gabe Cole.jpg

Gabe Cole

Data Center, Network, and Cloud Technologist
Strongbow Consulting Group

An accomplished Technology Executive with over 20 years experience across data center, network, and cloud. Founder of RTE Group, an infrastructure strategy consulting firm and real estate brokerage specializing in data centers, network interconnection exchanges, and other mission critical facilities.
An accomplished engineer and expert in IT architecture, involved in development and operation of over 150 varied network, data center, and cloud computing installations in the US, EMEA, and APAC.

Tony Robinson.jpg

Tony Robinson

Global Marketing Applications Manager

Tony Robinson is responsible for identifying and analysing market trends and changes in global data centre applications.
Working alongside Technology, Product Line and Market Development groups to develop and build innovative, differentiated solutions.
Provide support to the regional marketing teams.

Mark T.jpg

Mark Thiele

Chief Information & Chief Strategy Officer

Innovative IT Executive with 18 years of Experience on the Buy side and 7 years on the Sell Side of IT. Mark can successfully translate the reason for an IT solution without having to talk about the technology
Well known for driving value from IT beyond effective cost and risk management. he has delivered business differentiation, efficiency and sustainability while creating innovation-orientedted culture.

Bruce Taylor150x150.jpg

Bruce Taylor - Moderator

DataCenter Dynamics

Bruce A. Taylor is a member of the DatacenterDynamics leadership team, and serves as Executive Vice President for the United States and Canada, where he sets the strategic tone for DCD’s portfolio of integrated media products and services. His emphasis is on the core conferences in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto.