Digital transformation of the retail distribution, supply chain and logistics are all about the customer experience

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Accuracy, precision, speed, agility, uptime availability, resiliency, cost…

In the retail sector, all of these factors are dependent on the modernization of distribution supply chain and logistics. And in the “brick and click”  big test now seen all the statistics from Black Friday through Cyber Monday and right on into January. The economic impact of retail’s continuing “brick-and-click” omnichannel trend just experienced during the holiday shopping season just now barely passed tells the story.

Logistics 4.0 is enjoying remarkable early-adoption success in everything from GPS location data analytics to robotics on the warehouse floor and big data predictive analytics for just-in-time in-store inventory management.

Join us for a 1-hour webcast on Feb. 5 as we explore the digital transformation occurring in retail distribution and key digital infrastructure considerations to ensure the best possible customer experience.

In this webcast for global distribution and logistics executives, operations managers and technical professionals, you’ll see how retailers are:

  • Accelerating the build-out of modern distribution centers to bring services closer to customers
  • Deploying disruptive technologies such as big data analytics, industrial IoT, robotics, and augmented reality.
  • Adding operational uptime availability and resiliency using enterprise, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures.
  • Changing how physical infrastructure is designed and deployed for speed, agility. reliability and cost.

From AI-enabled predictive analytics to the industrial IoT, from warehouse robotics and augmented reality, to – eventually – the world of drone and autonomous vehicle delivery, please join our panel of experts for this DCD>Debate that will explore retail distribution, supply chain and logistics, from the IoT edge to the cloud.

We look forward to having you join the conversation.

Speaker Panel

Join our expert panel on this live debate!


Martin Olson

Vice President, Global Edge and Integrated Solutions. Vertiv

DRP International

Martin Olsen serves as Vice President, Global Edge and Integrated Solutions of Vertiv. Martin is leading Vertiv’s global strategic efforts to deliver integrated physical infrastructure, deployment services, management and orchestration to support cloud computing at the edge of the network using Vertiv’s unmatched suite of hardware designs, services and gateway aggregation portfolio for autonomous data center operations and application telemetry.

Martin most recently served as Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing of TSS, Inc., a full-service IT system integrator with deep expertise in modular data center integration and deployment, before joining Vertiv in 2017. Prior to TSS, Martin has held various senior leadership positions with Active Power, Inc., Wright Line LLC (an Eaton Company) and Schneider Electric in the United States, Germany, Singapore and Denmark.
Martin holds three U.S. patents in thermal management and has over 15 years of experience in global mission-critical data center and infrastructure systems design, innovation and operation.
Nick Parfitt.jpg

Nick Partfitt

Chief Analyst

DCD Intelligence

Lead Analyst for DatacenterDynamics (DCD) in the Asia Pacific with responsibilities for research and analysis globally, for the production of events in this region (Sydney, Hong Kong) and for the DCD Asia Pacific Awards. I have worked with DCD in the IT/data center space for 11 years, conducting 200+ ad hoc research projects, writing 50+ papers, designing and executing global surveys of the data center industry from 2011 to 2016 and providing data and analysis to support DCD conferences across the world. Key recent publications include projections of market by market industry growth to 2020 (Global Data Center Markets & Forecasts); analysis of the changing role of service data centers (Planning Priorities for the State of the Art Colocation Facility; Co-opting the Cloud for Future Growth); and on data centers skills, Brexit, hub city profiles ( Singapore (2015), Hong Kong (2016)); the future of data center building, the digital transformation of MTDCs.


Bruce Taylor


DataCenter Dynamics

Bruce A. Taylor is a member of the DatacenterDynamics leadership team, and serves as Executive Vice President for the United States and Canada, where he sets the strategic tone for DCD’s portfolio of integrated media products and services. His emphasis is on the core conferences in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto.Davis, ZDNet, IDG and Reed. His main interests are networking, security, mobility and cloud.