> Magazine: The Exascale race

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Highlights from this issue:

The race is on to build the world's first exascale machine, with nations fighting to be the superpower with the best supercomputers. This massive competition for massive machines requires an appropriately massive feature - we hear from the heads of the EU's exascale initiatives, the head of the DOE's Exascale Computing Project, the chief scientist behind China's HPC program, as well as HPC and exascale experts from IBM, HPE, Cray and Arm, and more.

Elsewhere in the mag, we talk to the CEOs of Juniper Networks and Lamda Hellix, and focus on modernization in a special supplement - head inside Intel's data centers, join Peter on a tour of Northern Virginia, and learn all about data center surgery. Oh, and there's more, but that's what the contents page is for.

We hope you enjoy the latest issue of DCD Magazine!
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